Fireplace Connections WETT Inspections in
Red Deer and Central Alberta.

Fireplace Connections WETT Inspections –
What It Is and How We Help

You may not know anything about it or even know whether you need one or not, so we’ll clarify exactly what a WETT Inspection is, why you need it, and how to go about getting it.

What is a WETT Inspection?

WETT, or Wood Energy Technology Transfer, is actually an organization that certifies inspectors to professionally examine wood-burning appliances and ensure a code compliant installation.

In certifying a WETT inspector, a certain standard of care is implemented so that the same level of care and attention to detail are provided across the board. This is necessary as health and safety are of utmost importance in handling fire-producing systems. As well, some insuring bodies require a WETT Inspection to provide coverage to a property owner.

There are two different WETT Inspections:

Level 1

This is a common WETT Inspection that is a basic visual examination of a wood-burning appliance that may require specialized tools but will not need a ladder.

Level 2

A WETT Level 2 Inspection is also referred to as a Technical Inspection. It will include a Level 1 inspection while incorporating further investigations that might include a visit to the attic, checking the chimney from the roof, and disassembling certain components, such as the flue or pipes.

Why Do You Need a WETT Inspection?

A WETT Inspection is needed in Red Deer and Central Alberta for several reasons if you have a wood-burning system on the property, typically a fireplace.


Some insurance providers require a WETT Inspection to offer certain coverages that protect against property loss or damage.


A WETT Inspection can determine any code compliance deficiencies so they can be repaired before something goes wrong. This is vital for any homeowner and it is an excellent way for a potential homebuyer to gain more insight into a home that goes beyond a typical home inspection.


To keep your wood-burning appliance operating effectively and efficiently, it is recommended that a WETT Inspection is done regularly after the winter months.

What is the WETT Inspection Process?

Getting a WETT Inspection is easy. Simply contact Fireplace Connections to schedule your WETT Inspection at your convenience and one of our certified technicians will provide a code compliance examination of your wood-burning appliance.

Your WETT Inspection specialist will ensure that your appliance is installed properly, functions according to specifications and local regulations, is in compliance with building codes, and is structurally sound. All visible components will be visually checked and you will be advised of any potential issues, along with recommendations on how to move forward.

Depending on the level of WETT Inspection performed, the specialist may also ask for access to your attic or your roof for a more detailed look at the chimney.

Schedule Your WETT Inspection

If you have any questions or concerns about your wood-burning fireplace, speak with Fireplace Connections and ask about scheduling a WETT Inspection. Our certified professionals are here for your health and safety where your wood-burning appliance is concerned.